Friday, June 08, 2007

Jacqueline Dupree Rome Over Free Speech

Douglas-- I removed the links because your blog no longer is focused purely on South Capitol Street. Your difficulties with the government are outside the scope of my interest. --jd

You do care about free speech? Or, do you feel that we should instead live in a theocratic dictatorship, where people are targeted for writing things that the rich powerful (and corrupt) would rather keep in the darkness?

Would you like a society where what you or I or descendants to have to fear about what they write, lest an apostate (truth-fearing) government imprison them?

By dropping my links at this time, I get the distinct impression that you favor the later. Am I correct? Or ...? Sincerely Douglas Willinger

Jacqueline Dupree's reply to me above. She writes a blog about redevelopment in DC SE, and works for The Washington Post.