Friday, June 17, 2011

Demolition Special Breaks Ground
delayed since 2008

Proposed 1325 South Capitol Street

Obstructing a portion of the west side of the aborted Extending the Legacy never officially named 'South Capitol Mall'

Can always be obtained by Constitutional eminent domain for public use.

BE WARNED- do not get sentimental for this unneeded construction project
Today marks the ground breaking for Camden Properties latest project on South Capitol Street. The WDG design (pictured) was put on hold back in 2008, but the prime spot right across from Nats Park is finally ready to move some dirt! The 244 unit apartment building will be on top of some prime retail space and should be ready by 2013. Update: Rain delay for ceremony, should be rescheduled this week.

Let's count the days for this building's demolition, along with the disgusting political order that had such happen without public debate (with freemasonry apparantly falling flat on its face -  now!).

Let's have the South Capitol Mall!

UPDATE- July 6, 2011: Censorship at "D.C. Metrocentric"

It appears that “D.C. Metrocentric” practices censorship to not alert potential buyers of the boondoggle nature of various real estate projects.

By censoring information, D.C. Metrocentric establishes itself less as an objective news source, and more as a cheerleader for projects that should not be approved.