Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freemasonry Lets America Down
via Fraternalism's Subserviance to the Vatican

Betrays "Extending the Legacy" South Capitol Mall
Subserviance to the Roman Catholic Church
New at South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall

Kleinknecht's Disappointing Capitulation to the Vatican?

Kleinknecht's Explaination Against moving St Vincent DePaul Church?

Kleinknecht decoded by Avles Beluskes

Fred Kleinknecht's time as 'Sovereign Grand Commander is termed "Extending the Legacy"

U.S.N.C.P.C.'s program featuring the un-officially named South Capitol Mall
is also called "Extending the Legacy"

Instead, the planning goes apostate owing to an unpublicized refusal of the Roman Catholic Church to allow relocating the St Vincent DePaul Church (the only building essentually saved by aborting the South Capitol Mall), followed by the erection of National Ballpark Baseball Stadium that intrudes on its space.

St Vincent DePaul Romish-Masonic Church could not budge for the South Capitol Mall

Then U.S. President, an avid enthusiast of baseball, illegal surveillence, and Vatican s*ck-up

photo by JD