Thursday, July 24, 2008

Taking Heed?
1345 South Capitol Street demolition special real estate development project
in conflict with western South Capitol Mall on hold

Photos by Jacqueline Dupree

Project's cancellation would free up a portion of the west side of the South Capitol Mall.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

South Capitol Street- NCPC 2008
"'Continuing' The Legacy"

South Capitol Commons with Nationals Stadium

Planning shows all of the buildings along the western side of South Capitol Street replaced.

Why not then instead build the western portion of the South Capitol Mall across the street from St Vincent de Paul Church and Nationals Stadium?

National Capital Framework Plan- Continuing The Legacy

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jesuitical "Environmentalist" Clique That Ignored the South Capitol Mall To Stop Poplar Point Stadium/Development

From Marc Fisher:

The Earth Conservation Corps, the Anacostia and Potomac Riverkeepers, the Sierra Club, D.C. ACORN and the Friends of the Earth have teamed with an arm of [Jesuit Order run] Georgetown University's law school to take the first step in a federal lawsuit against the National Park Service, the Navy, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Architect of the Capitol and the D.C. government to halt any move toward developing 40 acres of national parkland along the Anacostia River into the $2.5 billion retail, office and sports complex that the D.C. government envisions for the site.

"We're looking to use any method possible to preserve that land for people," says Glen O'Gilvie, president of the Earth Conservation Corps, a District-based group that advocates for the river and trains Washington youths to do environmental work.

With Polar Point part of a swath of hundreds of acres of parkland, one has to ask why none of these "environmentalist" groups would even mention the placement of Washington Nationals Stadium's blocking of the South Capitol Mall. As DC Rad of the Anacostia Now blog notes:

The Washington Business Journal has a front page article this morning on how a variety of groups from the other side of the Anacostia River (not our side) are teaming up to try to "save" Poplar Point from being developed.

Pretty ridiculous, as the one thing that both Washington generally and Anacostia specifically has in complete abundance is waterfront parkland. The thing we do not have enough of is waterfront development. Also, Anacostia desperately needs to be reconnected to the water, not remain disconnected as it is now thanks to Interstate 295.

I guess we can consider this the start of a new campaign:
Yes! to Development at Poplar Point!
The area has 110 acres, of which 40 would be developed with 70 being parkland. However, this Georgetown set clique wants 0 development- just as they seem to want close to 0 parkland on the northern side of the river with their non concern over the South Capitol Mall (and apparently even its greatly scaled back remnants of the South Capitol Commons, and the South Capitol Square).

Nor apparently have any of these "environmentalist" organizations made any effort to advocate covering the Anacostia Freeway, despite their successful efforts at stopping the SE Freeway extension to RFK, and later the Barney Circle Freeway.

Anacostia Now- Poplar Point