Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Demolition to Begin for New Demolition Special:
The Continuing Desecration of the Extending the Legacy Plan

Future -- post 2012 -- Eminent Domain for Public Use?

A rendering of 1345 South Capitol Street, a 244-unit residential building under development by Camden. Plans are for construction to start in 2008; site demolition is scheduled for late October/early November 2007. (Rendering from the WDG Architecture web site.) Illustration and caption from Jacqueline Dupree

Land to be cleared for condo project -- 1345 South Capitol Street SW -- which itself conflicts with U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's South Capitol Mall seen on the cover of Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century, and hence will require eminent domain for public use.

Anyone moving into this structure should know of this conflict, and thus understand that it will need to be removed, via eminent domain for public use.

Of course this could be avoided simply if the project were shifted a few hundred feet west.

Then it would ultimately be worth more money because it would be fronting the grand monumental promenade of the South Capitol Mall.

As of this writing, that could still be done.

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