Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pope Benedict to Hold Mass at Washington Nationals Stadium:
Expect the "... King of the World!!!"

The Pope will tentatively hold Mass next April at Washington Nationals Stadium, days after its opening day.

In describing this stadium's clubhouse, Jacqueline Dupree uses the term "I'm King of the World".

I think that's a plausible description of someone who will be there next April.

With the Douglass Bridge viaduct now demolished, the views looking north on South Capitol Street easily encompass both the ballpark and the Capitol dome. The Administration building at right is now topped out. (10/21/07)
Above photo and caption by Washington Post real estate reporter Jacqueline Dupree http://www.jdland.com/dc/stadium.cfm?tab=no2

Note the knife-edged clubhouse to the right.

Looking across the roof of the under-construction admin building (or, as I call it, the bow of the S.S. Nationals), toward South Capitol Street and points south, including the new intersection at South Capitol and Potomac. I'm King of the World!!! (9/1/07) above photo and caption Washington Post real estate reporter Jacqueline Dupree http://www.jdland.com/dc/stadium.cfm?tab=no3

Jacqueline Dupree said it. That's the sentiment of someone who will be standing near that "bow" next April!


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