Tuesday, October 30, 2007

U.S. N.C.P.C.'s Lies about Latest Demolition Special-
Camden's 1325 South Capitol Street
Falsely Claims Compliance with recommendations of Extending the Legacy

NCPC Executive Director Patricia E. Gallagher (center),
with NCPC Chairman John V. Cogbill, III (right)

Pursuant to delegations of authority adopted by the Commission on August 6, 1999, 40 U.S.C. §8724(a), and DC Code §2-1006(a), I find that the proposed planned unit development and related map amendment for the Camden residential development at 1325 South Capitol Street would not be inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital, nor would it have an adverse impact on any federal interests. ...

The project is located at 1325 South Capitol Street on Square 653, Lot 111. The proposed map amendment will rezone the property to C-3-C (Commercial) from C-2-C. The C-3-C zoning permits a maximum height of 90 feet and Floor-to-Area Ratio (FAR) of 6.5. The C-2-C permits 90 feet in height and an FAR of 6.0. The project consists of an 11-story residential structure at 110 feet in height. The project is setback 15 feet from the South Capitol Street right-of-way, and steps down to 70 feet on its western side, adjacent to the existing residential town homes.

This map amendment is consistent with the recommendations of the South Capitol Street Task Force and the Extending the Legacy Plan. The project respects the 15-foot setback for South Capitol Street as recommended by the Task Force [BUT NOT BY EXTENDING THE LEGACY] and provides new residential opportunities for the emerging redeveloped neighborhood. As such, this proposal will not negatively impact any federal interests nor be inconsistent with the Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital.

Opening up the South Capitol vista was a major point of NCPC's planning through the 1990s with Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century, and as late as September 2001 with its publication Memorials and Museums.

But NCPC like the rest of our government would mysteriously go apostate- a decision benefiting only a single building along South Capitol Street, the St. Vincent de Paul Church at the intersection with M Street.

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