Sunday, February 05, 2012

USNCPC Extending the Legacy Unnamed South Capitol Mall

Shown throughout the 1990s United States National Capital Planning Commission "Extending the Legacy" program.

It disappears from planning with a decision placing Nationals Stadium in its way, a process likely preserving a single existing building given the massive re-development, the St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church at the northeast corner of the intersection of South Capitol and M Streets.

The South Capitol Mall, or South Mall was notably marked by a lack of reporting, even in the accompanying NCPC literature text, and in mainstream media and established private organizations, being under-reported as a "Gateway" or "Boulevard" rather than a "Promenade", "Greenway", or the obvious "South Capitol Mall", with an occasional reference to a "Linear Park".

Nonetheless, the obvious planning conflict with the St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church was apparently never reported by any of the mainstream ("established") newspapers. By any account, the matter has been grossly under-reported in comparison to that of past planning as the creation of the West Mall (Reflecting Pool and Lincoln Memorial) or the never built East Capitol Mall.

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