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Interview with King Juan Carlos on the South Mall cancellation as an indicator of Washington, D.C.’s political significance hidden in plain site

Washington, D.C. as a micros of political reality

Juan Carlos is the King of Spain. He is a descendent of an immensely powerful, yet to most Americans’ unknown European ‘Noble’ family, the Farnese: the name adorning the tomb of “St.” Ignatius Loyola and the Gesu “Mother” church in Lazio, Rome of the “Society of Jesus”, which the Farnese helped found, and which runs the highly influential Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.,

Juan Carlos discusses how Washington, D.C. planning indicates the true political significance of that mysterious power “inside the Beltway”.

SCM- Welcome King Juan Carlos. Care to enlighten us about this topic of the true political significance of the U.S. Capitol.

KJC- You have this pretty city, this beautiful Capitol and its nearby surrounding greens. It is centered on this rotunda upon a hill facing a solitary western mall. It has this unique street grid known as the “Enfant Plan”. That features not only North, South and East Capitol Streets, but also diagonals, particularly Maryland and Pennsylvania Avenues extending southwest and northwest respectively from this rotunda, the latter forming the Federal Triangle.

The Place has some serious symbolism, yet most people in the U.S. have comparably little grasp of the situation.

Sure they see it as a place of corruption, yet as Their Democracy. They acknowledge vaguely a baleful political mass “inside the Beltway”, which they can vaguely attribute to greedy ambition, yet look no further as to its origins, and thus are continually mis-lead, by trusting institutions over truth. They figure that something must be true because it’s repeated so much through *established* mainstream media rather than actually making sense. But the have no idea why, for being taught that questioning the political dynamics unflatteringly as “conspiracy theorist”, never-mind that “conspiracy” is a perfectly valid concept and statutorily defined offense which courts routinely sentence people for such conspiracies as say steering a person to a low level street contraband merchant for say a $40 bag of cocaine powder. But we are to be supposedly embarrassed for pondering conspiracies any larger- please? That’s the self-guilt out to get people to do nothing

They see the ogles and ogles of Grecho-Roman-Masonic architecture. Yet they fail to see the significance, assuming its is so for being pretty rather than blatantly representative of the continuing ancient regime.

They are oblivious to so much history.

WE founded Washington, D.C. Before it had that name. But always with a purpose as OUR Capitol in North America.

SCM- Please elaborate?

The corruption is real, but many fail to understand how all roads lead to Rome. It is not really “Their” or your Democracy. Rather it is our political circus of the Continuing Roman Empire, fed by Our Shadow Government.

SCM- “Shadow Government”?

KJC- The Government within the Government. Like a hand inside a glove. Symbolized on your $1 U.S. one dollar bill, back side to the left—back and to the left hah hah most appropriately! Facilitated by a hierarchy of orders- whether religious or “fraternal”, all filled with mediocre suck ups- think about political dynamics.

SCM- Ah the Wobble Effect of Politics.

KJC- Yes. For instance, that which was used to perform, and to cover up Our Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and so many other government crimes, from the prolonging of WW2 to bring the USSR deep into Central Europe to satisfy the Ledochowski Kulturkampf Revenge against Prussia, to the 911 Reichstag Fire, and beyond. As readers of Continuing Counter Reformation already know, WW2 was really a 2nd 30 Years War designed to increase the greater Roman Empire’s political position, improving the demographics for Roman Catholicism, cleansing Poland and the rest of eastern Europe of heretics of all types including the insufficiently loyal cafeteria Catholics, eastern orthodox and of course Jewish peoples, and the destruction of that heretical nation of “Prussia”.

It’s how we get the government to be “steered” towards certain polices.

Consider how we took our sweet time in ending WW2, like wasting time in Sicily and the southern boot, instead of simply landing near Rome to take it.

Or spending countless trillions persecuting people for habitual agricultural drug commodities asides from Tobacco and Coffee.

Its how we can keep your governments lying through their teeth about, say, Marijuana; they even continue claiming it has no medicinal value *after* the U.S. government takes out patents on some of its medicinal uses. Its how we get the U.S. government to cover up a study showing Marijuana to combat cancer, all the while pumping out billions upon billions of deadly Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes that would otherwise be deemed at a minimum as ‘adulterated’ and misbranded’ owing to the unlabeled additives. Shit- we own big Tobacco and Big Pharma. So you should know that we resort to crony capitalism, aka agricultural criminal mercantilism to protect our favored commodities. And we do it through “orders”, with freemasonry the most obvious, shit just look at the very schematic of his assassination in Dealey Plaza, but also that entire network of ambitious suck-ups enshrining mediocrity of College Fraternities, and such individuals its produced such as your U.S. President who signed cigarette mercantilism into law in 1906- Freemason Theodore Roosevelt.

Just think to the ritual of the College Fraternity Initiation Interview and its requirement of one’s agreeability to drunkenness – to the point of serious toxicity even -- and absurdity as a rite of passage, and ponder the dynamics that the more astute and morally upright would see as the “problem” that pervades the political world and walk away in disgust- such as yourself.

You would think that governments would not be conducting such a massive fraud, particularly one so destructive, but what scheme. Not only do we get to protect cigarettes, pharma, Coffee-caffeine, we get this massive jobs program of police, courts, prosecutors, prisons, etc. And lets not forget that scam of “treatment” primarily for Marijuana smokers simply for being illegal and thus presumed something bad providing a per se evidence of the consumer as “sick”. You might think that a society so liberal on say abortion, gay marriage etc would be so on Marijuana, indeed medical freedom. Shit you would suspect that these Tea Party types so opposed to Obama care would also be working to topple the Controlled Substances Act. You would think. Likewise you would think that ‘liberal’ consumer advocate types including the anti Tobacco organizations would favor leveling the playing field by eliminating the Tobacco-Alcohol sweatheart exemption prom retail product labeling laws, let alone that broader sweatheart deal of the market protectionism of the ‘war on drugs’, and promote not only the legalization of but also the right to run television and other media advertisements for Coca leaf products. Presuming that these groups actually thought- for themselves.

You have a big set of balls producing this blog, and the fact that you have been the only person writing about it publicly speaks volumes of the degree we have subverted your society. You Americans Do Our Bidding while we smear it in your face. You must be one of those “goddamn independents” who never joined a college fraternity.

SCM- Yes. I did check them out, attending parties, and even making it to an initiation interview which I’ll never forget that basic gist of it. A guy interviews me with this girl watching. The whole thing was an exercise for me to demonstrate my willingness to get drunk and be agreeable to absurdities. In other words would I accept that white is black and black is white if as being told? Naturally I failed this interview, walking away with the thought that “this must be why the world is so politically messed up.”

KJC- You are too good a man. Too many, including like all of your elected officials higher than the lowest figures, are all loyal frat brothers who have proven their ambition by enduring the various initiation rituals.

Your “leaders” would have “lead” you to defeat as they do what we tell them. Ponder that while you save up to send your children off to some overpriced college – gotta pay those college presidents such salaries and to construct and maintain such magnificent sports facilities, as that is should be at the center of a great education of misdirection and distraction. So much so, as reflected by what would have been akin to Washington, D.C.’s early 1900s McMillan Commission being derailed by a single Roman Catholic Church and plans lining up with that for a new baseball stadium.

Just look at the topic of this blog, that never officially named ‘South Capitol Mall’ appearing front and center and throughout your US National Capital Planning Commission’s 1990s ‘Extending the Legacy- Planning America’s capital for the 21st Century.’ Just look at the way your great “independent’ mainstream media reported it carefully to not report it, by describing it in more vague terms as a gateway or boulevard rather than a mall promenade or linear park.

Indeed, just look at that planning document, note the ‘South Capitol Mall’, ‘South Mall’, ‘South Plaza’, or South Capitol Street Frederick Douglass Mall, whatever you choose to call it. Note both its prominence in the renderings, and the dearth of descriptive text. Note the concept conveyed by the name of the planning document “Extending the Legacy.” That was of course about extending the legacy of classical monumental Washington, D.C. in the tradition of that McMillan Commission. Now, look at the map in ‘Extending the Legacy’- note not only the new ‘South Mall’ but note where such a concept would have the greatest space to be located: those vast railways – railyards extending northerly from the back side of Union Station. Note the concept’s complete absence there, in comparison to the ‘South Mall’ which is prominently illustrated but vaguely described and subsequently scuttled. Further note that the name “Extending the Legacy" appears as the description of the reign of US Supreme Masonic Southern Commander Kleinknecht (1985-2002), and note that disappointed look on his face as it appears on the on his masonic video tribute, with the mention of him meeting with high level Vatican officials in Rome and Washington D.C. about un-enumerated issues. Learn from that that there are multiple layers within the ‘Shadow Government’: of a hierarchy that was at one time okay with the ‘South Mall’ only to change its mind, but which opposed the idea applied to the Union Station railways from the very start. If you look at what that shape represents, think of a giant green comet pointed at the head of that beast whose arms are Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues, and whose erect penis is the Washington Monument. We can’t allow that, as that’s our God- reflecting ‘as below what lies above’.

Don’t you fathom the clear implausibility of that occurring by random chance? 100s of newspapers and none could report on this new proposed park? And you Americans love fathoming yourselves as some sort` of great people with a great civic pride. Hah! That’s our your shadow government existing since your republic’s earliest days, of interlocked good old boy fraternalism involving that ancient ritual of being agreeable to drunkedness and absurdity for the sake of joining an elite, so dedicated to their own supposed advantage to take a join to steer something to failure, explaining so much in the way of societal and particularly political dynamics.

Think about it. That stadium could have made great play for your “Democratic” Party against “Republican” Bush one time owner of a Major League Baseball team franchise for surrendering America’s future South Capitol Mall. Assuming of course that the Ds and Rs represented two truly opposing parties. Or that CNN and FOX were two truly opposing parties- and taking this analogy further with greater numbers of parties, MSNBC, the Green Party, the Constitution Party, and so forth. That “consumer advocate” Ralph Nader could have made a great call for Extending the Legacy planning America’s Capital for the 21st Century, or if he was opposed to displacement, for maintaining the area to the south of Capitol Hill as a semi industrial area, or at least come out to slow development so that existing residents could better profit. The local newspapers could have at least reported on what was happening. Shit, instead of harping on a supposed “Bridge to Nowhere” connecting an area with its airport at $200 million, for a bridge expected to last 75+ years, the U.S. media could not report even a syllable on the $120 million spent to shorten an existing South Capitol Street Bridge that is scheduled to be completely torn down and replaced in about a decade, solely for the aesthetic reason of not having a short elevated roadway next to the new baseball stadium.

That Washington Post real estate reporter Jacqueline Dupree (JD) said it best:

With the Douglass Bridge viaduct now demolished, the views looking north on South Capitol Street easily encompass both the ballpark and the Capitol dome. The Administration building at right is now topped out. Note the knife-edged clubhouse to the right. (10/21/07) Above photo and caption by Washington Post real estate reporter Jacqueline Dupree

Looking across the roof of the under-construction admin building (or, as I call it, the bow of the S.S. Nationals), toward South Capitol Street and points south, including the new intersection at South Capitol and Potomac. I'm King of the World!!!(9/1/07)

Above photo and caption Washington Post real estate reporter Jacqueline Dupree
Dupree's caption of the view from that triangular shaped clubhouse, “King of the World” hit the proverbial nail on its head. Indeed, it's a great analogy of it as the ‘bow of the S.S. Nationals’ and in the context of an event filled with VIPs in April 2008; as its a quite clear allusion of the political arrogance this structure reflects, as roughly analogous to the part of the Titanic that hit the iceberg. Canceling that NCPC South Capitol Mall was surely a stupid move that revealed our corrupt political domination and bad taste, along with pushing that stadium even before the South Mall's formal abandonment in 2003, and then twisting the arms of members of the Washington, D.C. City Council to get them to reconvene to change their "no" to a "yes" in a closed to the public, after hours session for approving that stadium in March 2006- just weeks before you started this blog putting you on the radar of U.S. Department of Romeland Security.

But hey, we have long had the sufficient mass to get away with all sorts of shit.

And we got to inaugurate that stadium on April 17, 2008.

Ah. You tell yourselves…that you have the “Democracy” and that you have all these WDC think tanks etc said to be for promoting “Democracy” as does claim that entity known as the U.S. State Department., though acts in ways that YOU would oppose from a foreign occupation- provided that you actually perceive the occupation as foreign.

Though countless many people in the U.S. moan and complain about the political power “inside the Beltway” Washington, D.C. WITHOUT noticing the significance of that largest property holder that could be said to be located back (north) and to the left (west) of the White House, of Georgetown University, the proportion of U.S. officials from there, and the entity running it, the “Society of the Continuing Counter Reformation” of St. Ignatius Loyola. Hah Hah hah!

Don’t forget- WE established Washington D.C. And We established your country.

Over 200 years you having a capitol attesting to the political reality that you are a possession of an ancient overseas empire based out of Europe. A reality to which the many are unaware, obscured by all the constant propaganda with its dependency upon the distractions of sports and fluff and crackpot sloganeering to induce reaction not reflection, but hidden right in plain site.

Come see our Villa Farnese, our counter the Martin Luther start of the European drag nact west overseas fortress in a most familiar shape to you Americans giving you a better understanding of the true nature- the pentagon atop a hill facing down a skinny street, with the green parkland concentrated instead right around

We have a purpose craft and lead a great new political power of a nation leading it to greatness and than ruin for our purposes.

Everything stupid has its purpose planned for we are into dumbing your society.

You have no idea how easily the masses are manipulated.

We flood the media with our propaganda.

We do that on the web to, with countless “Pentagon basement” “bloggers” pretending to be what they are not, clogging the bandwidth with nonsense as the best antidote to those seeking to expose hidden truths. Just try sending them some hidden truth that they should ostensibly want to promote, but instead they delete the information or go out of business or simply ignore it. Think about the glut of doctored videos about 911 with all sorts of claims, with a surprising lack of advocacy of the most plausible hypothesis of remote control guidance- think about that implausible flight path into the least occupied and most difficult potion of the U.S. Pentagon. Or about the numerous videos about the Vatican and WW2 that fail to mention or spend much time upon our greatest Roman General Wlodomir Ledochowski.

A Continuing New Age Deception.

We get to craft all sorts of political freak shows, consider as a prime example of what we say you should do, while we choose the opposite for ourselves:

“Progressives” Against Coca – For Tobacco

“Tea Party” against Obama Care but unquestionably pro Controlled Substances Act!

Obama-Fan Coffee Party likewise unquestionably pro Controlled Substances Act- both “coffee” and “tea” parties fail to live up to the expectations that the names may imply.

Socialists against freeways indifferent to the criminal drug war scam.

“Progressives” that bitched about $1 to 4 billion for burying a replacement motorway in 93 acres expanding land-starved Manhattan, yet were silent over the $100s of billions upon that criminal cigarette-pharma market-protection “drug war” scam- such as NY’s Romish puppet Gov Mario Cuomo who acquiesced to the follow of abandoning Westway and then went upon the State of New York’s largest expansion in the construction of prisons! Ask your standard person calling themselves “Progressive” or “Environmentalist” about this and they may cite something like the temporary effect upon some common fish that laid their eggs attracted their by a sewer outlet, never-mind the effects of not building such an environmentally sensible motorway in a tunnel covered by parkland. Just look at the Spanish Capitol city of Madrid did with its riverfront M-30 motorway reconstructing it underground with greater capacity for people in automobiles below, and people in general atop with all that new parkland.

The U.S. Government ought to be ashamed of itself-
while it permits 'good old boy' style politics in permitting contemptuously placed real estate development locking in obsolete infrastructure and preventing improvements,
Spain's King Juan Carlos must be laughing at Washington D.C. - see Madrid's M-30 Project AUTOVÍA M-30 TRAMO OESTE Y TÚNEL

Yet in the U.S. the “progressives” instead wallow in a simply remove the freeways place the traffic all on the surface.

Shit in the USA you end up with a woman dressed in sneakers and a poodle skirt like its 1959 and Robert F. Kennedy Jr spitting on his assassinated uncle’s memory by doing what his Jesuit masters tell him to do via, not your, but our “environmentalist” movements; you know those determined to protect the status quo by protecting overseas oil from domestic competition of whether like or substitute commodity. That is why they will bitch about drilling within North America, but say relatively littler regarding alternative bio fuels, even pushing patrolling industry pap to protect existing markets, while the impressionable college students are swayed by arguments useless to society at large but useful as distractions. Westway would actually be good environmentally. But we have this thing against highway tunnels because of the increase in pollution at certain hotspots – the portals – which would actually make the argument for electric cars and not this no tunnel position- what- we have pollution even if we can not smell it- hah hah. Opposing Westway for that, but as a great distraction from the hundreds of billions enforcing cigarette mercantilism, excuse me the drug war- which like none of these great anti-Westway fiscal conservatives would dare protest the huge increases in prison construction, as none of them were or are original thinkers, instead only our tools.

Yes you “Americans” are such a manipulate able people! Just look at your current ‘Presidential’ elections with the mases of asses wasting their votes

And for those of you that are too smart, our Pentagon’s miniature drone program with the lack of oversight against such use remains a most plausible option.

To a future war with China that the U.S. will loose.

We got you to kill 100+ million with that Virginia Bright Leaf Garbage protected by the asinine war against cocaine that confused the dangerous of the concentrated drug as a suitable distraction for cigarettes!

We will steer your great nation with its government of criminal fraternal order suck ups to this WW3 - note where the current and previous and still living Superior Generals are based in the Far East and the Middle East - to a defeat so humiliating as to match that placed upon Germany during the 1st and 2nd 30 years war; Mexico is going to get back what it lost, just as Rome is going to get back by Ledochowski’s “WW2” bloody war shifting Poland west following Luther’s Reformation. Your going to see it with a vengeance with a viciousness as you’ve already had a preview with the 1990s+ breakup of Yugoslavia and already prepped yourselves with your blind acceptance of numerous blatant double standards all favorable to Rome. You know, like the attitude of groups as Alzlatan, and prevailing in Romish-Masonic Palestine & Israel)- with our side getting to cleanse the area of those insufficiently loyal within that vast area we have gotten away with getting called “Latin” America. Shit! And you thought you had a Monroe Doctrine!

And you thought that the U.S. defeated Spain in 1898?!

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