Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masonry and the South Capitol Mall-
Kleinknecht decoded by Avles Beluskes:
Adopted from Monumental Indicator

Hey Doug, are you realizing that the work of L'Enfant-Carrol is not finished? Is this the reason for which that church could be the "angular stone" of a bigger, much bigger 'celestial' design on the ground?.....A work in progress, near to be finished, but not YET finished...You will be not surprised to know that the stars and constellation are shaping other cities in the world, all important for the Romish Novo Ordo Seclorum... Think: the Romish churches as 'angular-masonic stones' of an urban, invisible, but material net...(More to come)

So does that St Vincent DePaul Church zodiac fit as part of a larger pattern, with other buildings?

St Vincent DePaul Romish-Masonic Church at South Capitol and M Streets,

Washington, D.C.

Nationals Stadium, South Capitol Street,

just 2 blocks south of the St Vincent DePaul Romish Masonic Church

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avles said...

Thanks for the advertising to my Novus Ordo Seclorum blog (later corrected from "Novo" to exact "Novus").

I simply recognized that saint Vincent church is at the same distance south from Capitol complex as the Aloysius church is north of it. Are both churches telling about the presence of a decumano road?

See the city of Trieste, the satanic sacred boundary and the pomerium - I hope it could be of help to discover new astounding secrets of Vatican secret power in Washington DC: