Monday, December 24, 2007

Nationals Stadium and Eminent Domain

starting at 5:11
I actually think baseball did buy them out, somehow, somehow..

The word will be known someday.
Likewise with the abortion of Washington, D.C.'s South Capitol Mall.

From Sphairos Productions:

We are currently developing a feature fiction film with director Eric Cheevers (Parasite Films) based on the recent destruction of a 4 square block area of Southeast Washington DC where a baseball stadium is currently being built. The film revolves around the stories of people who worked & lived in this exceptionally diverse neighborhood, focusing on the infamous male entertainment nightclubs.

Some 35 hours of video was shot of the neighborhood's demolition and the months leading up to it. These sounds and images will not only constitute a parallel documentary but will also be included in this neo-realist inspired film.

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