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Since 1961:
The Versatile Stadium
at 2400 East Capitol Street

Illustration: RFK Stadium

The Stadium:

Address: 2400 East Capitol Street, Washington, D.C. 2003

Constructed (1959-1961) $20 million

Architects: George A. Dahl (Dallas), Osborn Engineering (Cleveland) and Ewin Engineering Associates (Washington, D.C.)

First Event: October 1, 1961 Redskins-Giants football game.

Originally named the D.C. Stadium. Was renamed after Senator Robert Kennedy's 1968 assasination the following year via Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall.

Used for Football, Baseball and Soccer, being convertible to Soccer via retractable lower level 3rd base seats. Used for other events, such as concerts.

Capacity: varies upon the seating configuration; Football (55,672); Baseball (45,016).

Used for other events, such as concerts.

First of the "cookie-cutter" stadiums of the 1960s. These included: Busch Stadium and the now demolished Three Rivers Stadium, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, and Cinergy Field. (links from Osborn Engineering)

Football… Home of the Washington Redskins (1961-1996).

The first Redskins game played here October 1, 1961, against the New York Giants, was attended by 36,767 people, and was won by this visting team, 24-21. Their last game played at RFK, which was against the Dallas Cowboys, was December 22, 1996.

Baseball… Home of the Major League Baseball franchise, the (1962 -1971). Home of the Major League Baseball franchise, the Washington SenatorsWashington Nationals (2005- )

First Senators game played here April 9, 1962; final game played here September 30, 1971, before becomming the Texas Rangers.

First Nationals game played here 2005. The Nationals, which is the renamed former Montreals Expos Major League Baseball franchise, consider RFK Stadium as a temporary home prior to the completion of the new stadium along the east side of South Capitol Street in 2008.

Soccer... Home of the Major League Soccer team D.C. United (1996- )

Concerts... The Rolling Stones, Elton John, the Eagles, the Greatful Dead, Michael Jackson ...

The Designers:

Osborn Engineering

One of America's most prominent engineering firms founded by Frank C. Osborn, it gained a reputation for building quality roads and bridges in the late 19th and early 20th Century as the United States improved its infrastructure. Osborn then gained fame as the designer of the country's most heralded sports facilities including Boston's Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium in The Bronx. The firm recently planned the lighting design for Chicago's landmark Wrigley Field and currently is leading the renovation of Ohio Stadium for The Ohio State University in Columbus.

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