Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Take this Stadium
And its cost cutting

The Lerner group’s insistence for all-above-ground parking, days after Major League Baseball formally approved their owning the Washington Nationals franchise for $450 million, on May 18, is only the latest of a series of cost-cutting decisions for this $700+ million stadium project that Major League Baseball insisted upon for allowing MLB's return to Washington, D.C.

Two other cost-cutting decisions are those to delete its limestone façade, announced with the public release of the stadium designs in March 2006, amidst $25 million in such cuts according to a March 16, 2006 article in The Washington Times, and to limit its “green” features, reported by WTOP in April 2006, according to the Near Southeast DC web site of Jacqueline Dupree on April 13.

Illustration: from The Washington Post, Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan (Bud) Selig and newly announced Washington Nationals franchise owner Theodore Lerner

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