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Space for the town square?

This is a close up crop of the illustration of the future South Capitol Street from U.S. National Capital Planning Commission's March 2005 South Capitol Street, showing the proposed "square" at the intersection with M Street.

2005 NCPC South Capitol Street Grand Urban Boulevard and Waterfront Gateway

This is inconsistent with the appearance of this concept of a South Capitol Street Square at M Street in the November 2003 Urban Land Institute Advisory Services Panel Report, which shows this square with the St. Vincent DePaul Church in its existing location, and with the text explicitly endorsing this. (It also shows the residences to the west retained, immediately adjacent to new development. However, its text expresses this as a temporary situation, stating that the existing neighborhoods are incompatible with the new development and that the existing residents should be encouraged to move.)

Inconsistent with either version of this "South Capitol/M Street Square" would be the announcement of a major real estate development project in any of the other three remaining quadrants, with no indication of a building line set back that I have seen to accommodate the "Square".

But take a look at this:

And this:

And this:

So where's the square?

And exactly what's up with the "Square’s" south east quadrant: 1200 South Capitol Street?

This approximately 9,000 square foot property, currently occupied by Dominos Pizza, was recently purchased by Monument Reality LLC part of $28 million in stadium area acquisitions.

From Jacqueline Dupree: June 13, 2006
Monument Realty Signs (6/13/06 06:19 PM)
Within the past few days, a series of bright yellow signs have appeared along N Street and Half Street, across from the northern edge of the ballpark site--the signs are all from Monument Realty, which has spent nearly $40 million buying property to build nearly 750,000 sq ft of mixed-use offerings as part of the Ballpark District (not the area on the stadium land that the parking garage squabble is endangering, but the two blocks between N and M and South Capitol and 1st). The signs have big baseball-related slogans on them, like "Play Ball!", "Heavy Hitter", "Home Run" and so on, and then the Monument Realty name and logo, but no information on what's coming. A Post article from March did quote Monument as saying that they plan to begin construction in early 2007, so perhaps we'll hear details before long.

The url for Monumental Reality is

So far, I have not found any illustrations.

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