Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Tunnel with
or without a Linear Park



These illustrations are from the 2003 South Capitol Street Urban Design Study (NCPC) and the Urban Gateyway Study (DCOP).

2003 NCPC South Capitol Street Urban Design Study

2003 DCDOP South Capitol Street Gateway Study,a,1247,q,560731.asp

The version above with the linear park was for essentially the eastern half of the 1997 Extending the Legacy concept, with the western half being ommitted obstensibly to avoid displacing existing residences.

These reports would state a goal of establishing a linear park along the South Capitol Street corrdor. But they would forsake this concept, for the stated reason of avoiding property aquisitions along a swath where most or all of the buildings would be demolished anyway, including that for the western portion of the stadium site that appears in the stadium study that was published in November 2002.

Interestingly, on a time-line, NCPC's abandonment of its linear park concept for South Capitol Street (2003-2004) is framed by this stadium site's appearance in the stadium study published November 2002, and this stadium site's selection public announcement around Septenber 22/23, 2004.

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